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Facts about headaches

• Each year, more than 10 million people go to the doctor or emergency room suffering from headaches
• Headache is one the top 10 reasons people see the doctor
• More than 80 percent of women in developed countries suffer from tension headaches
• About 65 percent of men complain of tension headaches
• Five percent of adults has a headache daily or almost daily
• Headache is the most common bodily pain reported, according to a 1985 telephone survey of 1,254 Americans
• Headaches lead to 127 million missed days from work annually
• Headache is also a leading reason children miss days from school
• Over 100 million headache sufferers in this country with about 40% with migraines/migrainous headaches
If you are suffering from chronic or occasional headaches and want to get off the pill regime and solve your problem at its root, chiropractic care may be for you.
How it Works
The reason chiropractic care outperforms drug therapy for headaches is simple. Chiropractic care provides lasting relief by removing the causes of headaches and it does so safely. Drugs, on the other hand are designed to put out fires once they’ve started. The preferable solution is obvious and that is why studies and patients support chiropractic for the care and cure of headaches.
Headaches have a spectrum of causes or triggers. One of the most common triggers for headaches is cervicogenic problems, meaning ‘arising from the neck’. It’s possible to have a cervicogenic headache in the absence of neck pain.
One of the ways chiropractic treatment helps decrease the occurrence of headaches is by improving the balance of the upper neck. Postural strain is one reason for the neck to become misaligned. Stress from sitting at a desk or computer or from driving accumulates quickly because these are activities we spend a lot of time doing. Traumatic injuries such as slip and fall accidents, auto accidents or athletic injuries cause misalignments in the spine and tension in muscles.
In many cases the original injuries go back to childhood. These persist and cause a domino effect of underlying weakness that makes the headache sufferer vulnerable to other stressors in the environment. Sinus headaches, which are generally associated with allergies or weather patterns often have a structural component of spinal imbalance together with muscle tension. Your food sensitivity headache, in fact, might respond very well to chiropractic care.
Helping headache sufferers is a daily occurrence in chiropractic clinics. In my practice I see patients whose primary complaint is headaches and I also see patients who come in for general health care and remark that their headaches have vanished since the start of their chiropractic treatments. In all cases the result is less pain and greater health. Certainly, that is preferable to pain pills with their temporary relief and associated side effects. And, best of all you can keep your cranium intact.

Don’t let stress get the best of you.

If you are in a cycle of using pain killers, or stimulants to get you through the day, it’s time to make a change in your life. Stop in to Meyer Clinic of Chiropractic to find out how regular chiropractic adjustments can make a difference in your life. Step out of the pain cycle and start living your very best life today!

Head Pain Doesn’t Have to be Chronic

Have you been experiencing head pain, such as migraine headaches? Is this pain disrupting your everyday life? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it is time that you and I get together for a consultation. My name is Dr. Robert Meyer and I am the number one chiropractor specializing in head pain in the tri-state area, and I can help to alleviate your pain using traditional chiropractic methods. Living with pain of any kind can cause many disruptions in your life, especially when your pain is from headaches. Not only are you experiencing pain, you more than likely find yourself constantly fatigued, or on the other end of the spectrum, having difficulty sleeping because of the pain. You don’t need to live like this. If you are in the tri-state area, I can help to eliminate your head pain. I see so many patients who are suffering needlessly from headaches at my office located at 3430 Dodge St, Dubuque Ia. Often, head pain is caused by muscle stress, especially in the neck and shoulder muscles. With the right chiropractic care, you will find that your headaches lessen significantly, if not disappear altogether. I have the experience and use the latest chiropractic techniques to eliminate your head pain, as well as heal the source of that pain. If you are experiencing head pain and think that it may be caused by muscle tension, I can help you. Remember, head pain is not something that you have to live with forever. I can rid you of your pain by dealing with the source, without the need for drugs or surgery.

Be at your best every day!

General Wellness is Important
Dear people of Dubuque Iowa, I am dedicated to bringing the best health and wellness to my friends, new and old. If you have any kind of health problems or are just interested in maintaining your general wellness, you should start by coming to my office at 3430 Dodge St, Dubuque Ia 52003 so that you can be evaluated and get started on a treatment regimen that will keep you feeling great. When you are feeling good, you can accomplish a lot more, not only in your work but in the other aspects of your life as well. You know that when there is a problem of any kind with your health, it is enough to make everything go bad. Your health is important to you, no matter what you do for work and no matter what you enjoy as a hobby. Being healthy will help you to sleep better, work better and can even help you to maintain a normal weight. I want you to keep your health at its highest level and be happy. I look forward to working personally with all of the people in and around the Tri-State area, whether they are concerned with their general health or if they have some specific health concerns to be worried about. Come to my office at 3430 Dodge St, and we will work together on a treatment plan to keep you at your best health so that you can work and play. As the number one chiropractor here in the Tri-State area, I look forward to helping everyone stay healthy and enjoy life for many, many years.

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